Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to ice.

Eugene & I both agreed that if our family didn’t life in Ohio, we’d pack our bags and move to somewhere south & warmer {Florida or South Carolina} quicker than you can say sunshine. But, we’re homebodies & love being close to our family, so we’re stuck here in the buckeye state freezing our tails off with ice and snow, despite the fact that I went on a sunny run around our neighborhood just last week in shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. That’s Ohio for ya – cold, hot, rainy, dry, all within hours! The pup’s been slightly obsessed with sitting by the big window in our living room. He’s just barely tall enough to sit & watch out it. He was intent on watching the snow this morning.


Yesterday was probably a 9 out of 10 on the scale of stressful days for me. Among other things, I had a big event to deal with, and despite the thick ice that fell an hour before the event, we still had a nice turn out, plenty of food, no AV issues, and got out on time.


Whew! Now I just have another huge event tomorrow to get through & then I’m on the downhill ride to the weekend. I’m really hoping to paint some ceilings this weekend. :)


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