Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A gift from strangers.

This morning when I walked outside to let the pup run around before work, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of frost, warmer temperatures, and even more so, the smell of Spring. Oh glorious Spring! I usually say a little prayer while I’m outside in the early hours to start my day, and all I could say today was, “Thank you, Lord, that winter doesn’t last forever.”

I love spring {so much.}

Springtime on campus walking to class during college is one of my sweetest memories of college. The feeling I get walking outside with warmer breezes, bluer skies, and daffodils starting to sneak out of the dreary, tired ground – it’s a feeling of relief, encouragement, contentment, and life. Rest assured, winter never lasts forever.

The thing I think I love the most about Spring, is that it always comes right when I need it the most. Right when I’m weary of the grays, depressed with the soggy lifeless ground, and feeling hopeless for encouragement. And I can’t help but be reminded that God brings us relief from our life’s winter. Even though we face winter times in our lives– times of life-suppressing, disheartening, dismal, and seemingly hopeless challenges we face – just like the seasons changing, the winter in our lives won’t last forever. God brings life again. Just when we need it the most, He warms us up, brightens our skies, and renews life.

And so – to explain the title of the post. This Saturday, when it was raining two inches, I noticed that the previous owners left us a gift. {No, not the horse/fox/random animal & evergreen stamped bathroom walls.} We have multiple buds poking through our front yard. A few daffodils are popping up near the front of the house, and these beauties in a overgrown garden area in the middle of the yard.  This seriously makes me so happy!


We have flowers! And they’re free & already done! :) Oh wondrous thing! Another thing that made me happy, I took these two pictures on full manual mode on my camera. May not sound like much, but I’ve been using the [P] and [Av] mode, so I’m pumped that I pulled off a beautiful pic using full manual, self-taught. It’s still a struggle for me to figure out the right ISO, but I’m hoping the more I try the better I’ll understand it.


I just love the rain drops and soggy brown leaves surrounding these pretty fresh buds. Oh glorious Spring!

P.S. I mentioned winter turning into spring in my life about a year ago too {see post here.} :) Funny how God can take us full circle, yet in different routes each year.


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