Monday, March 28, 2011

Starting the cabinet transformation.

Again, not really in the mood for many words. It’s been a trying week {to say the least} for me, and I may blog about it someday, just not right now. I will say that I spent a lot of QT relaxing with this guy this weekend…


I love my pup. He’s so affectionate & has such personality…makes me happy.


Not to mention his crazy hair makes me laugh. How can you not smile looking at this goof.

Friday evening, Eugene & I had some summer dinner {even though it was only 40 degrees out} with our friends, Scott & Libby.


More than ever, this week I’ve been so thankful for my friend Libby. I got some cute faces from baby Griff. He’s getting so big – such changes since his grand appearance back in January.





Eugene had some help ripping out our basement carpet that was still soaked from the water issue. It only took a half hour because he had some of his baseball players to help him knock it out.


I really wasn’t a fan of the 1,500 square feet of pink carpet anyway. {Yikes.}


This weekend, we Eugene also took down our kitchen cabinet doors, I filled the handle holes, ordered new handles, and he sanded the doors in preparation for their painting. I can’t wait to see how much the kitchen changes once those bad boys are painted!


I made sure to label the doors so that we don’t get things confused later.



Poor guy was a sanding machine, even in the cold weather. {We’ll over look the ugly hoody he has on.}


The doors all sanded & ready for primer…and yes, that’s fencing & an nasty old toilet in our garage…


And here’s what my kitchen looks like at this moment. I’m not ashamed of the mess going on in my cupboards. It’s an organized mess, I promise. And yes, our stainless steel appliances STILL have their blue protective plastic on them. I’m waiting until we’re done with all the serious renovations in the kitchen before I reveal the shinny, pretty, scratchable surfaces on the dishwasher & oven.


Annnd, I’m still admiring my fist-pump worthy pendant light.


I found the box, so here’s the details from Lowes if you’re interested…


And Eugene & I ate some homemade French bread pizza & watched a movie last night. We really needed time together after this week, so this was my wondrous thing.



Oh, and I also did some spray painting, but more on that another day this week.  Hope ya’ll had a happy Monday out there in blogland.


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