Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adding arrangements & second coat complete.

I wrote last week about my wondrous thing of getting to take home some {free!} blooms leftover from an event at my work. Well, when I got home, I created eight separate arrangements around to pretty up the house, all using this one arrangement…


Our TV was spruced up with these iris/gerbera daises with a little bear grass in a mini milk jug vase I picked up at Goodwill. {Gotta love the splotchy primed walls behind it & the dusty/dirty, oh well!}


I used my favorites – sunflowers – to make one arrangement in one of my mini parfait glasses {I’m all about using kitchen dishes as vases!}


I made another sunflower arrangement using a Starbucks Frap bottle. This one was my favorite. :)


I used the roses for our bedroom, with some greenery, popped in a green Fiestaware Gusto Bowl.

IMG_9444 IMG_9443

And lastly, I separated the hydrangeas into four different vases, two more mini parfait cups & two Ikea glasses {I never drink out of these, but I love them as vases!}


Oh, and let me introduce you to my BEST EVER {and only} Craigslist purchase! This cabinet is hard wood, very heavy, sliding doors with two shelves inside. It’s huge too…and it was such a good deal! TEN DOLLARS! Can you believe it?! I’m excited to paint it someday. :)


And speaking of painting, last night I finished the second coat of River Reed in the kitchen/dining area. Again, poor lighting because it was before I left for work this morning, but you can get a sense of it I guess. Before…


And today…


Kitchen before…


And today…


I’m looking for either a pendant light with a white white drum shade, or I’ll make some type of chandelier for the center of the ceiling in the pic below {no, the awkward floor lamp isn’t staying!} Also, we’re waiting until we paint the cabinets before we peel the blue protective plastic off our dishwasher & oven, in case you’re wondering.

And one more today…


In the pic above, you can see a big hole in the cabinets where we removed the built-in oven. I’m planning on adding a cute curtain to cover this area. Also, the area to the left of the cabinets & fridge, where the River Reed paint ends, will be our chalkboard wall.

Slowly but surely, right? At least it’s a big jump from where we started!


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