Monday, March 14, 2011

It’s confirmed; we have grass.

This weekend I tackled a bit of curb appeal for the house. See this huge tree in our front yard?


Well, in the 22 months that our house sat empty, this big guy dropped all it’s leaves & left a front yard completely covered in dried, brown, {and since the rain, soggy} leaves. Eugene & I were even concerned that we wouldn’t have live grass in our yard because of the blanket of leaves was so thick for so long. So on Saturday when Eugene had baseball practice & the weather was sunny, I decided to conquer the leaves.

Here’s the front yard before..


And the front yard after 3 hours of pure arm & back work out… {Pictures don’t do it justice – it looks way better in person.}


The areas next to the house – before…


It looks like we used leaves instead of mulch! And the after… {you can see the pretty green spouts now!}


Some positives I got out of raking for three straight hours:

  1. I was thanking my lucky stars that the rake I used {my parents’} was Craftsman because I flat out snapped it in two. Sear’s gave me a brand-spankin’ new one for free and no questions asked {I may or may not have tried to used the front of the rake to try to push a huge pile of leaves across the yard. Snap.}
  2. Sunday morning I felt muscles that I haven’t felt since my college volleyball days. Sore, but I’m on my way to being a body builder. ;)
  3. According to “You burn 921.59 calories during 180 minutes of Raking Leaves.” Well that’s a nice plus. Maybe I’ll make a cake tonight to celebrate.
  4. Yes, we have grass in our front yard. And it’s not all dead. {Relief.}
  5. Got my much-needed dose of sunny vitamin D.
  6. And, I got a nice surprise…found new blooms hidden under leaves.



And below are the buds I showed ya earlier in another post. How’s that for a good before & after! Blooming nicely now. :)


So a little free curb-appeal that makes me so much happier to look out my living room window! Lots more weekend to update you on, but I’ll have to save it for another day.


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