Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our roof is finally coming off.

Remember when I showed you the gaping hole in our bathroom ceiling when I told you about the hideously painted wolf border? Yeah, this scary thing…


Yikes, yikes, yikes. At least the ridiculous border distracts you from the huge ugly hole in the ceiling? {Glass half full attempt!}

See, the reason this lovely hole exists is because our previously foreclosed house sat empty for almost two years with a bad, leaky roof. Honestly, I’m surprised that the bathroom is the only place where there is a leak. You can kind of tell in the two pictures below that our roof shingles are beyond worn. They’re shredded. Along with that, they’re covered with pine needles, leaves {we have lots of leaves}, and algae. Mmm.



Well, we’ve finally got a break in the Ohio rain {wondrous thing} long enough to get a roofing company to show us some love. I came home last night to see this next to our driveway…


And this start to tearing up the layers of old, crapified roof materials…



Super exciting stuff! We’re supposed to have a nice, new, non-leaking, completed roof by the end of the day Saturday. {Hallelujah!} Then, once the roof’s done, we can have someone come in to replace the ceiling. {Double Hallelujah!}



  1. Oh it's been raining in Omaha too, that's why we cannot replace our roofing because of the leaks. Actually, we're still planning to check if it needs replacing or repairing. Good luck with the work!

  2. Hi there, C. Jane! At least the rain had stopped for you to be able to finish this project. Looks like you really did have a bad case of algae on your roof’s shingles. To prevent mold growth on your roof in the future, inspect your roof for cracked or bruised shingles and rusted spots in the flashings, as these are areas in which moisture can collect and cause the growth of mold. Hope this tip helps you!

    Willie Norman


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