Friday, March 11, 2011


Not too much to share today. My days have been much of the same lately…work, paint, sleep, repeat. Not that I’m complaining – I’m so thankful for the provision my work offers, plus, painting’s slightly enjoyable to me. :) Guess I’m just missing Eugene since he’s been gone at practices so much, but I’m excited for his first season as a head baseball coach to commence with games in a couple weeks.

Just some bullets for today. I’m not feeling the whole paragraph form thing at the moment…

image source

  • The earthquake/tsunami that is overtaking Japan is just jaw dropping, heart breaking.
  • With hundreds declared dead already, the devastation is immense & prayers are so needed.
  • There’s no denying that we live in a broken world.
  • God is all powerful & life can go so unexpectedly.


  • We got a blanket of snow {in mid March.}
  • I ran outside around my neighborhood in shorts last week.
  • That’s Ohio for ya.


  • Ohioans have no room to complain about our freezing “Spring” temps.
  • It’s humbling to realize we’re so blessed to be spared from the damage reported all over the news. 


  • Cold & dreary rain & snow translates to a big mug of hot green tea in my office at work.
  • Makes the notebook page full of to-do’s a little less hateful. :)


  • Coat one of “winter wheat” on the hallway completed last night.
  • Thankful for my sista-in-law’s company & conversations while I painted.
  • Wishing all the wood trim & doors in our house would magically paint themselves white.


  • Someday, Eugene & I want to refinish our hardwood floors to a dark espresso finish, similar to the pic below.
  • This’ll be a huge & pricey task, so it’s not even on our current to-do list. {Bummer.}

image source

  • Mmm, but those floors are so rich.
  • Oh, and I just noticed that pic also has one of my chandy inspirations for my kitchen hanging over the table. It’s on my mood board here. I’m still a big fan…just not sure how I can make it.
  • I also had a lovely phone convo with my sister.
  • God really knew what He was doing when He created sisters {birth sistas & by marriage sistas}.
  • And I hit the jackpot on all accounts.


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