Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mid-week weekend wrap up.

How about a quick weekend recap, since I’ve yet to jot down what we did this weekend? Nothing exciting, but since I blog to journal my life, I’ll keep including my updates. :)

Friday night, we went to my parents’ for pizza & to pick up a TV armoire {Thanks!} that they don’t want anymore. It works well in our living room, adding much-needed height. Still debating on whether I’ll paint it or not. Luckily, I have so much painting still on the list that I don’t have to worry about deciding for quite a while!


Saturday, Eugene had a nice visit from a college roommate who lives in Detroit. I think the pup was comfortable around our visitor – check out where he plopped himself while they were visiting!


Sunday, Eugene had to check to see how wet his baseball field was, so we took the pup with us.



It didn’t take him long to start sprinting around the field. He was lovin the freedom!


I even found him a baseball to play fetch with…


And then he had the gumption to disrespect Eugene’s center field. Oops. {Luckily I had a plastic bag prepared for this!} That’s what I call multitasking: playing with a baseball & takin care of business!


Sunday, we celebrated Eugene’s grandpa’s birthday. Eugene really looks up to his grandpa, and we’re so thankful he’s in our lives. 


And while I’m on a recap roll, Eugene had a parents’ meeting last night for all involved with his baseball team.


I’m so proud of all his hard work so far for baseball. I know he wants his team of young men to find success in a sport he loves while reflecting Christ’s love to them while he coaches. Coaching baseball is definitely a talent God’s given him, and I’m looking forward to watch him use it to the fullest this spring.



  1. I have been blog stalking you now.. can't remember how I stumbled on your blog (thrify chick or maybe YHL). Anyhow we have way more in common than I thought.. we both bougth foreclosures, married to coaches and have long haired pups. Your pup looks like what I think is black golden retriever.. not sure. But we have a golden and he loves going to games with my hubby (supervised by me that is). The kids call Scout their mascot.

  2. Thanks for introducing yourself, Tricia! Our pup looks a lot like a black golden retriever, but we think he's a flat coat retriever. But we've also considered a black lab mixed with an Irish Setter. Hmm, who knows! We love him either way. :) Good luck w/ your house & making it through the sports season!


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