Monday, March 22, 2010

First day of Spring...Casey's Baby Shower!

Pretty eventful weekend. Friday, Eugene and I went to my parents so Mom and I could work of finishing up details for Casey's baby shower on Saturday. I baked my butter pecan cake with penuche icing, we iced raspberry bars, made the garland and favor bags. We had grilled chicken and Eugene and Dad had spiy brats. Espn had fun {as always} running on their property, but he did have a little run-in with Mom's cat. The dern thing scratched my poor puppy's eye! He's a trooper and didn't even really notice his eyelid was bleeding! {His eye's looking much better now.} We played fetch with a wiffle ball, and he eventually gave up out of fatigue! No more retrieving, that's for sure {picture below}!

Saturday, Eugene went to coach a baseball scrimmage for the high school where he is a long-term sub. Meanwhile, I went on a run outside in the pretty weather with the pup. Around noon I headed to First Christian Church to set up for the shower. We went with a yellow chick/ducky theme, and I think it turned out pretty cute!


Centerpieces were fresh flowers, jelly beans with a ducky garland, or little plastic ducks {from the game Lucky Ducks} with the garland.

Our favors were chick bags filled with Avon bubble bath or body wash {thinking of bubbles and rubber ducky bath time}, jelly beans, and Dove chocolates. We also gave away fun polka-dot shower caps too! I bought a kit at JoAnne's to make the foam little chick with the feathers.

The plates and cups matched the invitation paper - which I also used as directions to the room {since the church halls can get a bit confusing!} Dad bought cute balloons to place outside and I made a garland {just letters printed on paper, cut into triangles, and strung with yarn}.

We had a great spread of treats to go-to punch, apples and caramel dip, the cake I mentioned earlier {recipes below}, granola bread made by my Mom, her famous rasberry bars, peanut butter cookes, and banana cookies {garnished with peeps!}.

Party Punch Recipe {so so easy!}: combine equal parts white grape juice with ginger ale. I like to freeze some of the punch in a bundt pan with purple grapes to use as my ice.

We had a wonderful group of ladies show up to encourage Casey and spread the love. And most were really amazed by the technology used to chat with Casey and see her open her gifts in Tulsa via  Skype.

The momma-to-be on Skype!

For the activity, instead of a game, we had each person write a birthday card to the baby for each year, up to 18 years old. So baby girl will get a card on her birthday for the next 18 years from ladies who came to her shower. :) They also included a tip for Casey for each year too.  Oh, and the surprise project I was working on was a fleece baby blanket to match the shower's theme. Details on the project soon to come.

I hope Casey felt the love and encouragement. We all miss her and we're all praying for her and we also know she's going to be an amazing mom!

Saturday night I worked 2 hours then watched the Hurt Locker. {It was just ok...definitely made me realize that I need to pray for our troops more.} Sunday, Eugene and I went to church for a really spot-on sermon about being a control freak. Basically, I realized that I'm getting bitter about the fact that God's in control {not me} and instead, I should be thankful and joyful for his grace in planning my life! Can we say, convicted? Yes! After church we went house shopping again just for fun. I really enjoy looking at the different layouts and dreaming up walls to teardown and shelves to move. :)

Alright, more recipes and how-to's to come, but this post is already overwhelmingly long! So, bye for now.

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