Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A totally teal wondrous thing.

God’s pretty sweet. Do you remember my Debbie-Downer of a post that gave the house update that basically said (1) our basement’s gonna cost an arm & a leg {and probably both feet too}, and (2) Since we’re not taking loans to fix up the house, we decided not to spend any money on any other renovations. Well, God knew I was bummed about it, and I wholeheartedly believe He gave me a wondrous thing just to cheer me up.

Last week, Eugene was finally able to take back the left over fencing material because we were already borrowing my dad’s truck for a different reason. The fence cost way more than what we expected, but we had a bunch of metal posts, hardware, and some quickcrete bags that we didn’t end up needing. Anyhow, long story short, he wasn’t able to get cash back so they gave us about $200.00 in store credit to Home Depot. See where I’m going with this? God handed me two hundred bucks to spend on the house that we wouldn’t have spent otherwise. I know it’s already our money that we technically already spent, but if we had been able to get the cash back, we would have just saved it for the basement project.

Yesterday, I spent $9 on a mold spray to remove the small areas of leftover mold in the basement. Almost all of it’s gone thanks to Eugene ripping out the dry wall. And I happily bought this bold beauty with some of the store credit funds…


Glidden’s “Totally Teal.” It’s bold and dark, but so far I love it. {On a more technical note, I’ve decided that I much prefer Lowes’ Olympic brand zero VOC paint, but since our HD doesn’t offer zero VOC, Glidden was the cheapest “low-VOC” paint I could get.}

Needless to say, I was uber excited to get started attacking the poop brown room that we will use as our bedroom. Eugene helped me remove the four sets of unused window hardware {why didn’t the previous owners ever remove window hardware when the changed things?}, clean the walls & ceilings, remove the light fixture, and patch the nail holes.



We still had leftover ceiling paint to use; we bought a 5 gallon bucket when we first moved. Thankfully, this ceiling wasn’t covered with glitter like our living room, but it still needed a fresh coat. Just one coat did the trick.


And I also had leftover white trim paint from all the kitchen painting. I used the oil-based primer on the woodwork first {same primer that worked wonders when I repainted the pink bathroom tile.}


I got smart this time around & decided to tackle the trim before painting the walls {duh.} It was so much easier to paint the trim without worrying about getting the white on the walls!


And cause I’m nice, I’ll show you a preview of the “Totally Teal” after the first coat {finished it late last night.}


In the meantime, Eugene & I are crashing on the floor of our guest bedroom. {Eugene uses an abnormal amount of pillows each night – five!}


The pup thought it was totally awesome to have the mattress on the floor.


I caught him relaxing with a stuffed animal on the bed {cell phone pic.} He thinks it’s just a really large dog bed for him!

So that my big wondrous thing story for this week. And since I only used $40 of the $200 store credit, this wondrous thing’s gonna keep on making me happy for a few more trips to Home Depot! It’s worth saying again, God’s pretty sweet. :)


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  1. Just a little Blessing that will make you feel good for a long time... : ) Love the color & it is going to look great with the white trim & the wood floor...


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