Thursday, July 21, 2011

Career move.

Back in June, I asked for some prayer to help me as I made some big decisions, but I wasn’t able to provide much detail. Well, the big decisions were about a career move. I had two new job opportunities to pray over, in addition to the option of staying at my current job. After lots of long talks with Eugene, and asking for advise from wise folks around me, and lots of prayer, I’ve accepted a new position in Dayton. I’ll still be in the field of event coordination; however, my new position will be more managerial in nature. This translates to less time away on the weekends, less physical labor of setting up and tearing down for events, more support, better salary, and better benefits.

Combine this with the basement costs that we’re facing and it’s undeniable that God provides. I’m nervous to leave the banquet hall I work for because I started it all from scratch two years ago and it’s bloomed into a very successful place that I’m proud to have contributed to, but I’m also comforted by the fact that we just hired someone to take my place here. I know the brides I’ve promised great wedding receptions to will not be without help and support – this was so important to me, and again, God provided it. :)

I want to remember some of the sweet thank you’s I’ve received working as an Event Coordinator the past two years. I’ve mentioned “Love Languages” on here before {just search it on my blog if you’re confused}, and mine is certainly “Words of Affirmation.” So I figure on all those hard days when I feel burnt out or doubt myself as I’m trying to learn my new job, I’ll just pull up this post & read all the kind thank you notes. :)


I was also surprised this week by a delivery of a beautiful basket of fresh flowers to my office. I get so flustered when I get flowers at work {all two times in my life!}


So pretty!


It was the words on it that mattered to me the most – a thank you gesture from the catering staff I use for all my events. Such sweet people.


Sunflowers are the best. :)


So, thanks to all those who were prayer warriors for me. I definitely felt God’s direction {finally} on the day before I had to make my decision. I’m excited to see what God has planned for me in my new job!

P.S. Adjusting to a new job and hours might mean less regularity with blog posts, so hang in there with me!

P.P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll show ya the newly painted “totally teal” bedroom. It’s lookin’ good! :)



  1. Came across your blog love language is words of affirmation too, so I thought I'd send some your way; change/risk is always scary, but it sounds like you made a great decision! I wish you the very best of luck!

  2. That's the sweetest comment ever, Casey! Thanks for taking the time to post some extra affirmation for me! :)


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