Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fort Wayne rehearsal.

I left work around noon on Friday to head to Fort Wayne, Indiana to be with my college volleyball teammates to celebrate the marriage of one of us. It was an easy drive {easy for me…I didn’t drive!}, just under 3 hours until we arrived at our hotel.


Conveniently, our hotel was situated right next door to a brand new ball park for a local minor league team. Of course, Eugene had to investigate – so we took a walk down to the field right after we arrived.  The park is open all day for visitors to walk around or enjoy a ball park lunch. Very nice!


We then got prettied up for the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner.


It was so nice to have a volleyball “fab 5” reunion and catch up with good friends.


Dinner was fabulous – pretzel bread, steak, to-die-for desserts & fun friends.


And it was great to get some time to talk to the bride-to-be and her fiancé some before their big day.


And the icing on the cake – a road trip with my husband. I love quality car time with my man.


He was such a great sport this weekend, being the designated team photographer, being one of the few males in the bunch, sitting through a rehearsal and a wedding, and driving the whole way there & back for me. {I love him.}

More pics from the big wedding day tomorrow.


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