Monday, July 18, 2011

Oven vent.

We quickly got rid of the old appliances {before we moved in}, I didn’t remove the over the range vent right away because I didn’t have a replacement yet, and I thought it might be safer to have a vent rather than no vent at all until we got a new one.


Well, I finally got sick of looking at the yellowed vent, so I ordered a new one online & quickly removed the old one on a whim one evening. I was absolutely disgusted with how nasty it was in the pipe & fan. {Barf.}


Oh and this is the fancy, super-safe way someone installed this existing vent…sheet of thin aluminum & tape. Lovely.


I’m wondering if this was “installed” by the same person who stamped coyotes & evergreens all over the bathroom walls. Hmmm.

After I removed the existing range vent & taped duct work, I realized that I’d have to make a trip to the hardware store to see what I could use to safely install the new vent because the built in pipe was a few inches above the bottom of the shelf. Here’s what I was looking at…


After a few questions & searches at Home Depot, I found this piece of pipe {for under $10} that snaps together length wise & was the correct diameter to fit around the existing pipe & new vent.


Eugene & I measured the correct length we needed & he carefully sawed off the excess.


It was a super snug fit onto the vent, but it worked perfectly. So much better than taped version!


We bought this shiny new vent a few weeks ago for a total of $58.49 shipped from Lighting Direct, which was the cheapest I could find anywhere for a 36” vent that was stainless steel. {I can’t find the exact model on their website anymore though.} Lowes had one for $90, and up to $200 – I’ll take my $60 version. I love getting a good deal.


Well, this weekend, Eugene & I sweated our way through installing this new vent. It wasn’t terribly difficult, just hot hot hot in our house. And oh boy, it looks a lot cleaner & prettier than the old vent! {Don’t mind the smudges; I hadn’t cleaned it after installing it yet.}


And the best part? It’s CLEAN inside that fan & pipe!


How about a side by side comparison?


Not bad for sixty bucks. {Especially since we bought it before we found out that our basement was going to cost a boatload to fix.} It was worth the money to me just to get rid of the hazardous taped concoction!


Goes well with the brand new chalkboard wall, don’t ya think? :)


Next on the list is to get some molding or something to fill in where we cut the the cabinets and counters to add the oven. Oh, and thank ya’ll for the kind comments on the chalkboard wall. Makes me smile! :)


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