Friday, July 15, 2011

Good friends and herb oil.

Last night was a wonderful evening. We spent the evening enjoying a fabulous dinner of salad, lasagna, fresh bread, herb oil for dipping, roasted marshmallows and smores, oh & my favorite summer bev, Fresca.

And as good as the food sounds, the company was even better.


I love this girl. We’ve been friends since high school, and while we don’t talk or see each other much, that certainly doesn’t lessen our friendship. She’s amazing, really. We invited Brit & her fiancĂ© over to my parents’ place {because they love her just about as much as I love her} to celebrate her graduation & promotion in the Air Force. She’s getting married in December. :)

After filling our bellies, we walked back to the pond. Brit tossed sticks into the water for the pup to chase…


The four of us chatted while accidentally dropping burnt marshmallows into the fire & then we fed the catfish some catfish food {cause what else would you feed ‘em?}


Espn also liked the catfish food…until he was splashed by a massive catfish. {Goofy dog.}


Oh, and I used my Dad’s recipe to make the Herb Oil for Dipping Bread. It’s apparently like Carrabba’s. I don’t know about that, but it was very tasty. Worth saving the recipe for sure. Next time, however, I won’t add the salt; I don’t think it’s necessary.


I think it’d be fine if you didn’t have one or two of these spices too. Make it with whatcha got.



I think I might also add fresh minced garlic next time too. Mmm.



Very delicious.


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  1. Oh, that sounds like it would hit the spot just about now! Nothing like good friends and good food. Have a great weekend!


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