Friday, July 22, 2011

Brown be-gone.

I’m rushing around with lots to do for my last day of work, but I wanted to post a recent pic of the totally teal bedroom. {See this post for details on the color/paint.} It only took two coats of paint, and I didn’t even bother priming. {Score!}

I love the white trim. It’s amazing how much better the white trim made our wood floors look! The floors aren’t in good shape, but adding the white to frame them made a night & day difference. Definitely need to do this to the other rooms, but it’ll probably be a while before I take on that huge task!

I also really like the wall color. It’s a rich, deep color that is quite cool and calming. I worried about it being too dark or making the room look smaller, but it’s actually quite lighter than I anticipated and I think the room looks just as big, if not bigger than the brown poop-colored version! I also think it will be a great color that makes ya feel cool & refreshed in the Summer, but rich enough to translate well into the Winter months as well.

Here’s the before & current {but not nearly done} after:


I could be really bad & show this hoarder picture of the brown room when we first moved in as the before pic.…


Oh my. Yikes.

Back to the much better “after” pics. :) The cute pillows are from the couch – the DIY version I blogged about a while back.







I still have quite a bit to tackle for this room, such as:

  • paint the door & closet doors white
  • get night stands
  • make new throw pillows
  • add wall decor {plan already in the works for this!}
  • upgrade the ceiling light
  • embellish the curtains

Poop-brown be-gone! I feel much more relaxed {and less disgusted} in the totally teal room now. :)



  1. The room looks great! I have the same color in our bedroom but only on one wall (I was too chicken to paint it all! actually it was free paint and didn't have enough).

  2. I have the same color in our guest bedroom, but I paired it with white and a touch of black since the rest of our house has touches of blues and tans. Looks awesome!


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