Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good deal.

Late post today. Sorry. I'm trying to get all my info on a new computer & I can't get Windows Live Writer to work, so I'm posting the old fashioned {annoying} way. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm taking this week away from work, so my posts will likely be sporatic & thin. I'm going to move blogging down on the list of things to do & just enjoy my week off.

For instance, today I went shopping for new work cloths with my mom. I snagged two $70 dress pants & two button down oxford dress shirts for Eugene - all on clearance for $20 for the pants & $10.80 for the shirts at JCPenny. {Nice!}

But the real deal came in a few stores down at New York & Co. I like that store because, being 6' tall, I appreciate that their dress pants come in "Long" and their dress shirts are longer too. I walked out of the store with 12 items coming to a total of  $102.59:
  • one pair of long black dress pants
  • four button down dress shirts
  • four cardigans
  • one jacket
  • two blouses
Being the shopping nerd that I am, I figured out that if I would have paid full price for each item, my total would have come to $561.69. I'll take a savings of almost $450 please. :)

I'd love to post more, but I've got to get going. Lots to do today & this blogger system is driving me nuts! I'll have plenty to post about house updates and life updates once I figure out how to fix Windows Live Writer. Sorry for the delay!

Hope ya'll are having a great week!

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