Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doggy play date.

One of my volleyball teammates, affectionately nicknamed Smat, stopped by this week for a doggy play date. Meet Boomer…


She rescued Boomer earlier this year, and it sounds like – other than his crazy obsession with chewing things {i.e. his dog tag on his collar} – they’ve had a great time having Boomer join their family.

After a rocky start to the play date that included really high pitched barking/yelping {Espn was a bit intimidated, I think} the two dogs were able to play together, run around our newly fenced yard, & make us dizzy.

The even had fun wrestling…


Goofy pups! Just look at my pup’s tongue!


Espn was one tired guy afterwards {mission accomplished}. He plopped his entire head in the large water bowl I put out for the two pups to share.


Yesterday, Eugene finished ripping out the damp drywall in the basement and made a new creation for dinner – cheesy BBQ chicken puff roll thingies made with refridgerated biscuits, cheese, shredded chicken, & bbq sauce {similar to this recipe, kinda, but without the muffin tin}. They were yummy & he got major bonus points for being so helpful! I think these would make a great appetizer for a Superbowl party. {How about that fancy schmancy plastic heart plate, haha!}


Oh, and I began probably my favorite project for the house yet. I have one more coat of paint before I share it on the blog {hopefully} tomorrow. I know, the suspense is a killer, but I’ll throw you a bone {pun intended} and give you a teaser picture of the super sweet project. I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, so you’ll probably be able to guess what project I’m tackling.


Oh snap! :)


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