Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In no particular order.

You know you have issues when…


…you spray paint your wallet. {Guilty as charged.} It was ugly & I had pink spray paint in the basement. Why not? ;)

Moving on.

We drove through a wicked crazy storm last night. Of course we were on the highway with a big orange barrel every two feet of the road – add in torrential down pour plus horizontal, strong winds and ya get a tricky, scary driving course to maneuver around the barrels that were blown in all directions. We had no power when we got home, plus it was 87 degrees in our house {not exaggerating at all}, so the added candles were romantic & charming, but we were sweating.


I will say, I enjoyed the quiet hour without power, without TV, without internet. {Peace.} Oh, and yes, that’s an ironing board in the living room. I keep it real here.

Transition to another unrelated topic…


The sky was beautiful a couple nights ago when we drove to Eugene’s parents’ place. I also like this scripture on waiting patiently because of unseen hope. It’s not a overly popular scripture that I hear all the time, but I like it today.

And, I can’t help but share an updated picture of my niece, Baby Cate. She’s not so much of a baby anymore, walking, talking some, helping, understanding. She’s absolutely beautiful, and I can’t get over it. I just stare at her and marvel at what a blessing she is. She’s with my sister & husband living in OK, trying their best to stay safe in the sweltering heat wave out there.


I mean, really! I just love looking at her picture. :)


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  1. Hahahahaha! about that wallet. THAT is one I've never heard of.

    I sometimes iron in the living room, too. It's cooler than upstairs and TV watching is a bonus. :)

    The pics and verse are also great! What a fun post.


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