Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday food.

Eugene’s birthday was Friday. Unfortunately, I worked a volleyball camp all Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning, so I didn’t really get to celebrate his birthday with him much. He was so great, encouraging me to coach the camp because he knows how much I love the sport. I miss being around volleyball so much, so this weekend was good for my soul!


Despite the crazy schedule, we still managed to sneak in some steak & his favorite oven baked fries for dinner , and funfetti cake with his family on Thursday.


I had to leave part of the cake un-iced {the exclamation point part} because Eugene doesn’t like frosting. He’s not a dessert guy at all, so the fact that he even likes funfetti cake is a major plus.


{I like that the picture above looks like his sister is helping him blow out the candles from a distance!} ;)

Eugene was pleasantly surprised with breakfast in bed on his birthday – eggs, sausage, pancakes with sprinkles in them.


And we also enjoyed a free Griffin House concert late Saturday night in the park with friends…


We got some bad news about our basement on Thursday {very expensive to fix correctly}, so we weren’t in the best mood to celebrate his birthday, but I hope that, at the very least, his stomach was full & happy and he knows how much I’m thankful for the day he was born!


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