Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chargers turned mirrors.

I’ve been holding on to these three gold chargers for months. I bought them a long time {last year sometime} ago on clearance for $2.48 a pop at Target. I knew they could be turned into something cool for wall décor, I just didn’t have a place or purpose for them…until now.


I stopped at Hobby Lobby & found the perfect sized craft mirrors for $3.99 for two {but I got two for 40% off and two for 50% off in two separate trips.} I also stopped to buy some glossy white spray paint that was on sale too. Those combined with my glue gun, and I was all set.


I simply spray painted the front of the chargers white…



…hot glued the mirrors in place…



…and hung them above my bed. This is before I finished adding the mirrors.


I realized that the off white lamps were pretty much a total clash. So I swapped lights with two I had by our gallery wall in our living room. Here’s the off white Ikea lamps moved to my $10 Craigslist dresser.


And the white lights in the bedroom…


Much better, don’t you think? Now I just need to find some bedside tables that work.


I love the crisp white on the new dark teal paint. And I also love how it turned the room slightly dainty –the chargers/mirrors kind of look like doilies to me once I got them on the wall. It matches well with the rest of my house that has some antique/retro-ish touches thrown in for accents.


And one last picture of the chargers turned mirrors in the new teal bedroom. Not too bad for about $15 for the whole deal!


Oh, and we just ordered new windows for the whole house. We’re pretty excited to see the dramatic change once we replace the original {54 years old} windows. :)


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  1. So cute ! I love how simple and very elegant those look. They don't even look like chargers.
    New windows!!! How exciting, I can't wait until the day i'm able to get new windows. please take lots of pictures. haha. :)


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