Friday, February 25, 2011

Its gotta get worse before it gets better.

I took today off work & spent 10+ hours preparing our walls & ceilings in our kitchen and living room, priming, and painting all day. Thus, no time to take a break to blog. Since I didn’t trim when I painted the kitchen ceiling two days ago and last night, {I know, I should have done this first, but I really didn’t feel like it!} I went ahead and trimmed this morning.


I also filled the million of holes that were in our kitchen walls. It really makes me wonder what the stink they were hanging all over the wall!



Then I enjoyed a little demo time, ripping off the frame from the weird half doorway/window/ledge thing between our kitchen & living room. We plan to open this doorway up all the way soon anyhow.


IMG_9404    IMG_9406


And then I had to putty over where the frame was too.


Then onto priming the walls in the kitchen. Once that was done, we moved on to tackle our living room ceilings.

Now let me tell you, we like to joke that our house if a party house. It’s true for two reasons. #1, we have bowling alley boomerang countertops AND #2 {wait for it, wait for it} we have glitter all over our ceilings. Lovely. Pictures don’t do it justice so you’ll have to take my word for it, but trust me, it’s something special.

{You can kind of see the specks of sparkles on the ceiling in the pic above.}

Needless to say, with the glitter and previous poor paint job where the dark wall paint was smudged all over the ceilings, we needed to paint the ceilings.


I just kept reminding myself today that it has to get worse before it gets better. Sheesh, our house is such a dusty, chaotic mess right now.


And we didn’t stop with the ceiling. We got this awesome “problem solving” primer from Lowes to tackle the deep red {I can’t tell you what I call this color because it’s pretty disgusting.}


This stuff is seriously impressive. It didn’t reek and it covered so well; check it out…


We only got half the living room primed, but I’ll finish it up tomorrow.


Who knows, maybe I’ll even have the color on the walls after this weekend. Is it weird that I literally get giddy just thinking about covering this nasty maroon & finally having some pleasant hues surrounding me!



  1. Ooooh...can't wait to see you paint choices. I am trying to do some re-painting in my house, too, but am having such a horrible time deciding on what colors. I need some serious help...

  2. we all do omigo!, and you posted on my birthday haha. the earth is connected, love it!


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