Monday, April 12, 2010

Someday when we’re rich.

Eugene and I had a nice time at the Dayton Dragons game. We joked that someday when we’re rich, we’re going to actually have dinner at the ballpark – soft pretzels, lemon chills, nachos, you name it! Ha, our big plans for when we’re rich!

I took a picture of Eugene & I, but we looked pretty rough, and this mascot looks much better!

This is Eugene’s favorite player’s father. ;)

Sunday, we taught our kindergarten class that God made plants, and that “Everything God created is good” 1 Timothy 4:4. Oh, I can do hand motions for you to help you memorize it if you’d like. ;) And we went to a bunch more open houses again. It was perfect weather to drive around town.

I’m all packed for whenever Casey decides to go into labor. I’ve read over her {very educated} birth plan, and I’ve made the “baby’s comin” playlist. I’m excited to meet my new niece and give my sister a long-overdue hug!


Oh, and on a completely random note, I have a shortcut/tip for making muffins. I whipped up a batch of muffins just using a grocery store mix {mine were apple cinnamon"}, but they didn’t have a topping, and I love toppings on muffins. So I just poured a little granola raisin bran crunch cereal on top of the batter, and wallah! Perfect! {And so stinkin easy!}


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