Friday, April 23, 2010

Maybe today is the day.

Every day this week when I wake up, I roll over and look at Eugene and think, “maybe today is the day.” We’re waiting for him to be called down to interview with the principal, and we’re waiting for him to get the job offer for next school year. Maybe today is the day. That’d make for a happy Friday for sure!

Last night I coached my last volleyball session. Only four girls showed up, but it was nice to get to really focus on them and give them immediate one-on-one feedback. I’ve really enjoyed being around volleyball again. It was such a huge part of my life for so many years that it just feels like I’m home when I’m around the sport. Miss that feeling of being stress-free, outside-life-free, just think volleyball and nothing else matters for 2 hours of practice. You’re allowed, it’s expected, to leave everything – all your worries, drama, stress – at the door before you walk in the gym. I miss that release terribly.

Just for kicks, here’s a pic from my college heydays.



This was taken during our game vs. Juniata. We were ranked #2 in the Nation and they were ranked #1. Needlesstosay, we beasted it. Winners. My best game. Quite possibly my favorite experience.

Last night, we met with our realtor and wrote an offer on the house. They should get the offer today, and they have to respond by Sunday. I doubt they’ll accept our first offer, but we’ll see where God takes us with it.

And this morning, my weirdo pup decided that a yard we always walk by seemed like the perfect place to roll over and rub his back all over the grass. He’s never even paid any attention to this yard before. Weirdo.


I have a big event to work tonight, an annual Chamber of Commerce dinner and auction in Urbana. Late night, but at least I’m not working on Saturday.

Should be an interesting weekend. Tons of big stuff going on in our lives!


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