Tuesday, April 27, 2010

See for yourself.

Good news – I know you were worried – I found my cord to transfer pictures. Lots o’ pictures. Just warning ya.

Like I mentioned yesterday, we went to my parents for dinner Saturday. We always take the pup with us because he loves the 40 acres they have and the fact that there’s no need for him to be on a leash. He loves it {so much!} Eugene forgot something inside before we left, so Espn jumped on the opportunity to fill the driver’s seat.


This is why we love taking him there…he sleeps {we’re talking the twitching & snoring sleep} from the time we get in the car to go home until the morning. Eugene was grading papers, so Espn became an Inbox {and the weirdo picked my purse for a pillow!}


Just a few more examples of the glorious zzz’s he enjoys following the trip to the ‘rents.



Here’s pictures of my big 24 day. My amazing husby made me breakfast. Delish.


And I was serenaded by our Sunday School Kindergarten class for my birthday. {Love it!}


Gotta love Eugene’s determination with the glue in this one. He’s so not crafty! I love how amazing he is with children. Yes, our class is all Kindergarten, they just happen to be all boys. ;) Fun stuff!

SDC14115  SDC14111 SDC14112 SDC14113

Me with the pup & my husband after church.




He’s getting a bit big for this, I think.

On a different note, Eugene said his interview yesterday went well he thought. We hope to know an answer by the end of this week. And on the house front, it’s not looking like we’ll be getting it, but that’s okay. We asked God to close the door if it was not a good thing for us – so we’ll keep on keepin on.



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