Monday, April 19, 2010

Big things could be happening soon.

Wow. Lots going on right now in my life! Casey could have her baby any day now, and I’m ready to up n’ leave at the ring of my cell.

Espn ate our living room carpet – I’m talking all the way down to the cardboard layer that’s under the foam that’s under the carpet. Yeah, not so happy with him. But that means we have to leave him locked in his cage all day, which stinks. At least I can go home at lunch and let him romp around outside for a bit. I just always have a guilty conscience when I leave him locked up.


Ok, enough with the vagueness. I feel comfortable sharing a bit now. Our big decision that Eugene & I are praying so hard about is the possibility of purchasing our first home. We’ve found a place we like, and our parents have toured it as well {and none of them said that we are out of our minds - *praise!*} And so right now we’re still in the thick of the question-asking and detail-thinking. There’s a lot that still needs to happen for us to actually get this house, but God’s big and we’ve certainly seen Him work in crazy ways in our lives already. We’re just really praying for Eugene to get his job offer this week {he’s interviewing this week, supposedly.} We’ve specifically prayed that God will close the door if it’s not a wise decision for us, so I fully trust that He’s going to work it out the way that’s best for our good.

So the weekend recap – Friday, Eugene and I visited 7 more homes to be sure we were happy with the home we had in mind.  Then, Saturday, I worked a memorial celebration during the day and that evening we had dinner with my parents and let the pup run around to release his devious energy. After dinner, we went to Peaches in Yellow Springs to celebrate the 21st birthday of Eugene’s friend, TJ. I sure did get some happy pictures! ;)


*Look at Jordan laughing so hard in the background!*

Such a great couple!


Sunday was spent going to five more open houses after church and taking our parents to see our one of interest at 6:00. {Exhausting process.}

We’ve had so many discussions and played out so many different financial scenarios just to be sure it’s wise for us. I’m honestly so happy with how well Eugene & I have worked through the process of decision making for this. Patience and selfless thinking, along with tempered words have really been so key. I’m really thankful for the way our marriage works. Definitely a wondrous thing!


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