Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rowdy pup.

Since eating our carpet, Espn has been stuck in his crate (which is extra large, mind you) while I’m at work. Thus, when I get home, the dog is psycho hyper and fully of ornery energy. I took some pictures on my phone of the 40 minutes we spent outside attempting to get him to settle down. Side note, he likes to chew on twigs…which often look like cigarettes in his mouth!




I think we progressed a bit on the house process. Let me tell you, it’s such a process. Exhausting. And to think that there’s a good chance we’ll go through all this and get our offer rejected. Hmm, only God knows.

We played some pretty good volleyball last night with our small group. They took a break to pray for us, that Eugene would get the job offer. I so appreciate the dearest prayers of  friends.

Oh, and sorry there’s no new recipes this lately because Eugene’s been home late after baseball games. I’m tearing up our cereal supply though!


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