Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Feeling less like a newlywed.

I just realized that Eugene & I are actually getting the hang of life. Seems like we haven’t been hit with a massive challenge/life change in the past few weeks. And, honestly, it feels nice. I feel like we’re functioning as husband and wife…high alert mode is off right now. Don’t get me wrong, we still have to face some pretty big hills {maybe mountains} in the next year, but for the past few days and {hopefully} the coming weeks, we’re doing okay. It’s nice to feel a little more like husband and wife, and a little less like newlyweds. :)

It’s been a painful process for me – not knowing what God has planned for us in the next year, or even the next months, but I’m getting better at just being okay with not planning. We’re in waiting mode to see whether Eugene will be a full-time teacher, whether he should consider being a G.A. still, whether we should look to buy a house, whether we should purchase health insurance, whether we should pay off our college loans…you get the point. I’m a born planner. I do it for a living, I do it for my sanity. But God keeps hitting me over the head with the fact that I can’t always plan. His plans trump any ideas I might have. And only He knows what we’ll face tomorrow. He’s my Guide, and praise the LORD that He’s in control!



Don’t worry, the pup wasn’t on the field until after the game!

I drove to Northeastern High School with the pup yesterday to watch Eugene coach the boys. He’s so amazing at it. There’s no doubt it’s a talent God has given him. Eugene’s not a patient person in general, but when he gets on the baseball field, and interacts with the young men, he explains things so well and so patiently. I love it. {He’s not patient with the umps, but well, you can’t win them all! No pun intended!} Please pray for a player named Daemon. This young man lost his mother in a car accident earlier this year, and the grieving process is so hard. I have this feeling that God brought Eugene to NEHS for Daemon. {Again, God’s plan is perfect.}

The teaching position that Eugene’s hoping to get was posted today. Another prayer request. It’s exciting that we’re actually able to start the applying process after waiting so many months!



  1. haha that field is overly cared for trust me! let espn romp all he wants. i'm glad thngs are going good for you guys too. honestly, you are an inspiration for me. I admire your faith and just in general how you live your life. well, just thought I'd leave a comment to let you know someone is reading your blog! :)

  2. Not sure who ya are, but thanks for the kind words! :) - C.Jane


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