Saturday, April 10, 2010

Missed a Friday!

Yesterday was busy, and I missed my usual weekday post, so I’m making it up to you by posting a special Saturday story. Ok, so the story’s not special, just the fact that it’s on Saturday makes it special! ;)

I worked a memorial service in Urbana yesterday, which included a meal cooked by little old church ladies. Seriously, no one can compete with the cooking talents of church ladies. A.mazing. Then I booked it back to Springfield for a meeting with a bride and her family, and then drove out to my parents to ride with them to West Jeff to go out to dinner.


We met these three beautiful women at Anne & Tony’s restaurant for conversations, updates, and laughs. It was just what I needed – to get away from responsibility, ride in the back seat, not reach for my wallet {thanks, Dad!}, and walk away full and not stressed! I love my Grandma Goldie {far right} and it was wonderful to visit with her sister, Aunt Bert {middle} and Aunt Bert’s daughter, Marsha {far left.} Last time I saw Marsha was at my wedding. {Another great evening!} :)

I had angel hair pasta with shrimp and sundried tomato alfredo sauce. It was so delicious! Oh, and my mom bought me an early birthday present: Lemon Lavender scented candle. OH it smells SO good! {Which I really appreciate since our condo neighbors smoke and stink up our place. UGH!} But I’m loving this candle – burning it right now!

Today’s been nice. And tonight’s Eugene and I are going on a date to the Dayton’s Dragon baseball game. Should be fun!


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