Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feels like Summer.

It’s still absolutely gorgeous outside! High of 85 today, sunny, and even a thunderstorm last night. I’m loving it {so much!}

This Easter’s weather was beautiful too. Probably one of the nicest Easter’s we’ve had here in a really long time. I convinced Eugene that we needed to take advantage of the sun to snap a few family photos. He’s not a fan of taking pictures ;)

SDC14008my two boys looking very handsome

Espn didn’t feel like posing for this one

SDC14014bon the swing at Aunt Jane’s…love him {so much}  

Casey & Dale are all packed and ready for the trip to the hospital should baby girl decide to arrive early. I can’t believe we’ve already made it to the due-date month! It’s unreal and very neat. I’m beyond impressed with them – they’ve worked so hard and prepared, prayed, and loved on the little one. They’re going to be amazing parents, and the itty bitty girl is going to be one beautiful, loved blessing. I need to pack my bag – I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to see them…all 3 of them!


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