Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Life

Right next to the sign to our condo complex, popping out of the mulch, I saw this yesterday:

I think we're turning the corner of winter. Finally. {Hear my sigh of relief.} It's been a long winter - in my life and in nature - and I'm so thankful that my eyes are tempted to tear up just knowing we're moving on to another season of life. Eugene and I have handled quite a bit of change and challenge this winter. God has walked us through the bitter cold, and he has provided warmth every step. I am amazed by His provision. I am amazed by the new life he overturns for us daily. Don't get me wrong, I know there are plenty more flips for us coming up, but it's definitely been reassuring to see God work so evidently in our lives...His perfect plan, not ours. We're young. But we're learning. I think I'm going to try to spend this season on my knees. Adoration and desperation - God puts me right where I need to be.

Tonight I'm coaching a volleyball open gym/private lesson for some girls. I've been out of "volleyball mode" for so long, I'm actually nervous! I just pray that it goes smoothly, and that I can be a good example for these young girls. Hopefully they can see His face shining on mine. And hopefully we have enough volleyballs! :)

AND tomorrow's FRIDAY. Praise the Lord! I'm one day closer to the weekend, and one day closer to seeing my baby niece and sister! Talk about new life - what a blessing that day will be when she's born!

p.s. I'm craving a craft project to re-do some furniture. Hmm.



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