Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wondrous thing in full bloom.

I haven’t blogged about my daily wondrous thing for a while, so here’s an entire post dedicated just to that. In case you’re new to my blog…I like to note my “wondrous thing” for the day so that I’m reminded to look for the little things {like catching a sunrise, or a simple call from a friend, or even good weather} that God places in my life each day to remind me that He loves me. I originally got the encouragement to look for a daily wondrous thing from my mom, who has done this as long as I can remember. I truly believe the Lord takes great delight in blessing us with little love notes in the form of wondrous things. And it makes me smile every time I notice one!

For the LORD takes delight in his people;
   he crowns the humble with victory.
Psalm 149:4

 The LORD delights in those who fear him,
   who put their hope in his unfailing love
Psalm 147:11

Although I complain a lot about my job & the rough hours & little support, I will admit, one of the big perks of my job as an event coordinator is {on a rare occasion} I get to take home leftover fresh flowers used in centerpieces. I’ve worked three big events in the last five days, and God gave me a little pick-me-up today by leaving me some beautiful Spring flowers free for the taking left from my event yesterday.


How can you not smile & feel uplifted just looking at the bright colors of these fresh blooms?!


The sunflowers are my favorite. Paired with the bear grass, they take me right back to the day of my wedding. Oh, LOVE. :)


My house may be an ugly disaster zone as we continue remodeling this weekend, but it will also be beautifully adorned with these gorgeous fresh flowers in every room {admits the drop cloths and paint cans!}


Fresh flowers on frozen ice; I’m looking forward to Spring {so much!}


So there you have it. My happy wondrous thing for the day – a box full of free fresh flowers for my house. Thanks for that smile, God. Just what I needed.



  1. Well, Those even brightened my day... : )

  2. Love this! What delightful reminder that Spring IS coming.

    I would love to follow you by email - any plans to add this option to your blog?

  3. Dawn - thanks for the kind comment! I used to have an email subscription form on my blog but in the redesign it must have gotten the boot. So I've added it again. Enjoy! :)


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