Tuesday, February 15, 2011

River reed, winter wheat and red velvet.

Lots went down yesterday. It was a fairly normal work day, but after Eugene’s school ended {he’s a teacher}, he went to start his car and, well, it didn’t work. So I went to pick him up & we’re praying it’s something minor that needs fixed. We didn’t let the car snafu keep us from capitalizing on a sale on Olympic Premium Paint {zero VOC} that ended yesterday.  We rushed over there & bought $400 worth of green, yellow, white, wall paint, primer, ceiling paint, chalkboard paint, and three rolls of chain link fence. We still walked out the door with some good savings because of the paint sale, a 10% off coupon we got in our packet of info from the post office to change our address, plus a price match on the fence.
image     IMG_9219 
We picked out the colors “Winter Wheat” {middle color on the sample one the left side of the pics above} for the living room & hallway. We went with “River Reed” {top right circle color in pic above} for the kitchen.
I also hit up Target & walked away with this 5x7 chenille rug marked on clearance from $129.99 to $69.00!
image  IMG_9217
The couch we have is a weird greenish brownish color, and when I saw the rug I thought it’d match really well. It’s hard to tell with the terribly dark red paint, ugly curtains, crushed milk jug that the pup plays with, & messy coffee table, but I think the rug will look nice there eventually. And the pup, who hates our slippery hardwood floors, was pleased as punch to have a rug.
I also scooped up this green floral shower curtain. Verdict’s still out on this choice, but it was marked down from 20 bucks to just 10, and it has one key feature – contains both tan & white colors – which is a huge plus because I have a tan countertop in the main bathroom and we’re going to paint the wall tiles white. Also, I’m thinking it’ll tie in the colors from the kitchen {green} and the living room {yellow, green, & white.} We’ll see if it sticks around for the long haul.
IMG_9213 IMG_9214
We got home from our shopping excursion just in time to scarf down some dinner & run out the door to our small group get together for church. We spent time at the church I love, with couples I love, playing the sport I love {volleyball}, eating food I love {dessert!}, and got new books to continue the small group discussions I love. :) It was a lovely Valentine’s day.
We had a red velvet layered ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. A.mazing.
I even got to see little man, Griff, dressed for the occasion.
Oh what a long day. But it sure was a nice one! <3

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