Monday, February 7, 2011

I need another ice storm.

Fair warning…long post ahead.

My typical whirlwind weekend was back at large & rearing its ugly head. I had to stay late for work on Friday night for a client to have her wedding ceremony rehearsal. By the time I got home, I realized I had forgotten to plan anything for dinner, but Eugene came to the rescue with a romantic candlelit dinner of pb&j sandwiches and off-brand Doritos. That meal may sounds pretty much like a flop to most, but it was perfect for me! Best pb&j ever. ;)

IMG_8587 IMG_8588

We ate our romantic fancy meal & headed to have some qt with our friends Lib, Scott & baby Griff. Not a long visit, but it was great {as always} to spend time catching up with our friends & their new baby boy.


Saturday was a blur. We went to Menards first thing in the morning & snagged up some good deals – including a new extra toilet {laugh if you will, but my 6’ self is pretty excited about a taller loo!}, a new & cheaper pedestal sink {only $29!}, two large outdoor trash cans, an electric sander, a kitchen faucet, and some Frosted Flakes {haha, gotta love our cereal addiction!}

 Hampshire 450 Pedestal Lavatory, 4EK83 Alto Single Hole Kitchen Faucet with Pull Out Spray

When we got home, I baked some peanut butter brownie bites to take to our neighbors and to the Super Bowl party. I’ll post the recipe sometime later this week. Super easy.


Then I had to rush off to work for a beautiful wedding ceremony & reception at my venue.


IMG_8625  IMG_8670 

Sunday was “teaching” the 2’s & church, followed by Eugene going to team baseball camp & me crashing my parents’ place because our washer was broken somehow in our move. So I bummed her washing machine & baked some amazingly addictive pretzel bites while the pup had a blast in the snow.



Silly dog loves to completely sprawl out in the snow…



Got home just in time to throw the wet clothes in the dryer & run out the door to our church small group’s Super Bowl Party at our Pastor’s house. Lots of food - all bad for you – good fellowship, a cute chocolate lab, & a couple entertaining commercials.

IMG_8742 IMG_8750b

IMG_8749b IMG_8745 

Got home late, folded laundry, picked up laundry, crashed in bed & then up for work again in the morning. And this, folks, is why I need another ice storm! I need a slow-down already – time to work on our house, visit with each other, and maybe even relax for a couple minutes. Sheesh, life is fast, isn’t it? Regardless, I’m thankful for another weekend of life, no matter how jam-packed I inevitably seem to make it.


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