Thursday, February 17, 2011

A muddy mess.

In our negotiation process to purchase our bank-owned home, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the bank had agreed to pay for a new septic system to be installed at the house. Back when we started the house buying process, the backyard looked like this…


Then it snowed & the bank sent over a septic company to replace our system and it looked like this…


And since it snowed so much this winter, we haven’t even seen the yard since they dug it up for the septic – that is, until this week. And now it’s a muddy mess with all the melted snow and looks like this…


Yikes. Yikes. Yikes.

Thankfully, the company’s coming back over later to level & seed this area. The weather’s finally nice enough to do some yard work this week, so I took the pup with me as I picked up the bazillion branches that fell in our yard from the ice storm. Well, big surprise, the pup loved the mud. He found one particular puddle that still had chunks of ice in it. He the proceeded to bob for the ice chunks. Lovely.




See the ice chunk above? Goofball.


Then the horrific happened. And this all played out in slow motion for me as I saw the whole ordeal coming. Our super nice neighbor walked outside still dressed in her nice dressy work clothes. The pup, the lover of people that he is, instantly ran towards her as I screamed and ran {remember, all in slow mo} to try to intercept the mud-covered dog before he ruined our neighbor’s outfit. No luck, but she was great about it and honestly didn’t even seem to care as she kneeled down to greet Espn even more. Luckily she has two dogs & was completely cool with the terrible situation. {Whew!}  


So after I made a massive pile of sticks and branches, it was bath time for the pup.




After lots of scrubbing, the finally clean pup hung out a while at home while I got my hair colored by my SIL Rita. It was nice catching up with her again…and getting my hair back to looking presentable! :)


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