Friday, February 4, 2011

An appropriate first dinner and a much deserved shout out.

We’ve been so busy with the house updates that we haven’t really had what I would qualify as a “real meal” at our house until a couple days ago. We’ve been eating our fair share of leftovers, cereal, or grilled cheese & tomato soup. But two nights ago, we cooked a “real meal” together in our kitchen. And it just so happens it was a pizza meal. Big surprise. Eugene’s family is notorious for pizza dinners & he’d love to have pizza for every meal if he could. So, quite appropriately, we made calzones together and enjoyed a real meal at our kitchen table {sans wall paper} in our house. :)

I used my handy-dandy Bisquick pizza crust recipe and added some Italian Spices, parmesan cheese, & garlic powder to it to make the the calzone’s crust. I love my Bisquick recipe because it’s super easy, quick, and convenient for nights when I’m in a rush.


To make the calzones it wasn’t rocket science…basically make a pizza, fold in in half, crimp the edges with a fork & bake for 20-25 minutes.



Turned out great & it made enough for 4 pieces of calzone…dinner that night & lunch the next day for the two of us. :)


I should apologize that I’m about to go from food to mold, but, on a nastier note…Eugene had a snow/ice day again yesterday, and while I was away at work, he put on a respirator mask & started the demo on one of the bedrooms in our basement. The drywall had some mold from a downspout leak as you can see here. Ew gross.


And by the time I came home from work, we were mold-less, carpet-less & drywall-less. Much better!


Poor guy has worked his tail off this last week while all his fellow teachers probably got to sit by a fire & sip hot tea. He’s been so productive & helpful as we tirelessly work to make the place livable. Because of that, I just want to end this week’s posts with a shout out to my biggest blog fan, Eugene himself. I’m so thankful that we have a house together to make our home. And I’m so thankful for all the work he’s put into our house already. After over seven years together, lots of working through life, lots of growing up, lots of tears and even more laughs, He’s still my best friend. I know we’ll likely bicker more now that we’re working on the house together {manual labor tends to cause us to lose patience}, but there’s no one I’d rather do this with. He’s my best friend. He’s the biggest blessing God has ever given me. And, I love him {so much.}


Thank you, Eugene, for all your hard work so far, all that you sacrifice for us, and for the way you always aim to love me as Christ loves the church. You make me smile…even when there’s mold in the basement & checkered wall paper in the kitchen. :)


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