Monday, March 1, 2010

Coming clean.

Since I worked late on Monday and had to work on Saturday, I left early on Friday. I tried to be really productive with my free time at home - laundry, ironing, dinner, and a BATH for Espn! I've only given him a bat one other time in his little life, and that was the day we brought him home. He was so overwhelmed from the four hour drive home and all the changes, that I did a rush job on the bath then. But Friday was a different story. He needed to come clean!

What a sad, soggy doggy! But once I took him out of the tub, he started going crazy (in a happy way), running around our upstairs, wagging his tail furiously, and licking every spot on his body that he could reach. Then he would run back to the tub every couple of minutes, sniff inside it and wag his tail even more. :)

How cute is this little guy!

This weekend was nice. Eugene & I played Euchre and Sequence on Friday night with Jason & Megan (they live in the apartments right next to ours, and Eugene and Jason were really good friends in high school.) Saturday I was blessed to have coffee with girl talk. I love that we're in the same places and so similar in thinking. We connect, and I'm so thankful for our friendship! Then I spent a few hours working at our banquet facility for a memorial/funeral dinner. I actually really enjoyed it. My character just really enjoys serving and comforting people who need it. Then Saturday evening was spent at a family birthday party for Eugene's 13 year old cousin. I love his family { much}. I also listened to one of the babies there cry like crazy for the whole time - wow, don't think I'm ready for that! ;)

Sunday, Eugene and I taught Sunday School - quote of the day was "God, please get rid of the snow and cold weather because Mommy really doesn't like it!" I love it! Then I gave a volleyball lesson, and Eugene and I spent a few hours at my parents' watching Espn go absolutely nuts running around outside. He had a blast!

So, there it is...{not so} exciting weekend in a nutshell. But it was nice. I already miss it. Mondays always = missing Eugene. But I get to play volleyball tonight at Small Group, so that helps a little.

Oh, I almost forgot to type it! My SUPER HUGE MAGNIFICENT AMAZING FALL-TO-YOUR-KNEES-IN-GRATITUDE WONDROUS thing = our tax return.

Last year when I found out what my tax return was, I started crying at work in amazement. God provided us the exact amount we needed to pay for our honeymoon!

And this year, He's given us even more! I'm completely humbled. As Libby said a fewe weeks ago when I called her in tears about an unforeseen expense I had to face, "Think back through our lives...when has God NOT provided? He always does!" He always does.

Praise for that {so much!}



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