Monday, March 15, 2010

R&R Weekend: Relationships and Recovery

On Friday, I finished my project for baby niece. :) I will post the how-to steps next week after I show my sista at her shower on Saturday. Later Friday evening, Libby and Scott came over with Short Stop pizza {so delish}, salad, and my leftover chocolate chip cookies. We had such a nice time, finally catching up and just being friends. We Skyped to see baby stuff. We visited. We laughed. We laughed some more. AND we beat the boys in Sequence! I seriously like that game {so much!}

Saturday, Eugene and I slept in {glorious!} And we stayed in our PJs until noon. We enjoyed our new cable too. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, we splurged and got cable because I negotiated a really great deal. Eugene's pumped, and I honestly thought it'd be five years before we could get it. I worked 7 hours Saturday night, while Eugene went to Grandpa Wade's to celebrate his grandpa's birthday. I came home at 10 to Eugene and Dillan playing Mario Kart. Brotherly love.

Sunday was a great day too. We taught about Jesus' power to help us in Kindergarten class, and we ate grilled turkey and cheese for lunch - made by Eugene {they always taste better when he makes them!} We had our weekend "date" on Sunday: we went to look at a few real estate open houses. It was so fun to imagine our lives living in a house, with kids' toys all over the place, Espn running in the fenced in backyard, and a real kitchen. Ah, it was beautiful. We're not even close to being ready to buy a house, but it sure was fun to dream together.

It was a weekend of enjoying relationships and recovering from stress and weekly life. {Just what I needed.}

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