Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sun's shining!

How beautiful is the sun shining on a day when you've almost forgotten what the bright rays looked like?! The sun is shining intensely here for the first time in a long time, and I welcome the brightness with open arms!

I worked 13 hours yesterday and a hard manual-labor day today setting up and cleaning hard-core. I hate cleaning for work. Hate it. I know, suck it up! I still need to go to the grocery tonight too, and Eugene's staying after work for baseball practice. Gosh, I'm pooped.

The event went well yesterday. And I got good news from my sista that baby girl is nice and healthy. Praise! She's active and growing {maybe her head's a bit big...but we'll still love her!} I'm just kidding, Casey, your baby will have a perfectly normal sized head - no worries!

Tonight I think it's a homemade beef Chinese dinner night. We'll see if I can muster up enough energy to make it. Oh, and I'm considering giving up cereal for March. If you know me, you know I eat about 2 lbs. of cereal a week - no joke! I love it. It's my favorite food...any time of the day. I heard on Klove that people Lent or give up a type of food as a small sacrifice to remind them of the huge sacrifice God gave for us. I never thought of fasting like that...I just thought it was a way to remind yourself how feeble and weak you are compared to God. But this makes sense. I haven't decided yet, but I definitely like the concept.



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