Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A praise day.

Last night was lovely as well. I went for a short run outside after work, then made hamburgers and mac 'n cheese for dinner, then Eugene and I headed off to small group. The topic last night was on submission, and we had some really great conversation and discussion. I really appreciate the honesty and openness of the group. Eugene and I both realized a few things we need to grow in related to headship and submission. For instance, he's going to try to make sure his relaxed attitude doesn't come off as passivity, and I'm going to work more on my patience and let go of my need for control for our related decisions.

It's beautiful weather again today, and I just feel the need to list some praises. So here goes! {in no particular order.}
  • grace
  • hope
  • love
  • baby niece
  • getting to see Casey soon
  • my husband
  • my puppy
  • Espn's obedience
  • a place to live
  • plenty of food
  • a savings
  • our tax return
  • our families
  • great Christian examples around us
  • small group
  • Libby
  • the weather
  • cereal {even though I gave it up for this month...so hard!}
  • life
  • spring
  • provision
  • generous people
  • Christian music
  • watching LOST with Eugene
  • positive results from my surgery
  • our health
  • our wedding day
  • our honeymoon
  • photographs
  • our time living in Cedarville
  • God's plan for our lives
  • Teaching Sunday school
  • volleyball career
  • Eugene's baseball career
  • possible baseball coaching opportunities
  • Eugene's car outcome
  • Eugene's salvation
  • my salvation
  • Skype so I can see the baby belly
  • baking
  • chocolate
  • spring flowers
  • yellow and bright colors
  • prayer
  • Eugene's laid-back perspective
  • getting McDonald's ice cream cone with Eugene {last night!}



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