Monday, March 29, 2010

The weekend off.

Well, it was different to not have to go into work on Saturday...I actually woke up on Sunday ready to head into work, thinking it was Monday. We took it easy this weekend, spending Friday night at our apartment. Saturday, I toured Home Depot, shopped around Target and Hobby Lobby. {I think I'm a bit obsessed with HGTV stuff.} Then in the evening, we {get ready to be surprised} went out to eat - and without a gift card! So out of character for me! We ate the 2 for $20 deal at Applebee's, and it was really nice to be on a date again. :)

We went to the Shumaker's afterwards to pick up our bikes. Oh how nice it is to see my blue beauty again - now we just need some pretty weather so I can take her for a ride! Sunday was packed with teaching Sunday School, visiting open houses {I definitely loved one of them!}, and then I went to my college coach's house for dinner with a couple of my teammates.

Good weekend.

I'm going to try to spend this week reflecting on the most wondrous thing of all - Easter. He is risen! This song was offered in worship this Sunday, and it's one of my favorites. I feel the passion and emotions well up every time.

There is Love

That came for us
Humbled to a sinners cross
You broke my shame and sinfulness
You rose again victorious

Faithfulness none can deny
Through the storm
And through the fire
There is truth that sets me free
Jesus Christ who lives in me

You are stronger
You are stronger
Sin is broken
You have saved me
It is written
Christ is risen
Jesus You are Lord of all

No beginning and no end
You're my hope and my defense
You came to seek and save the lost
You paid it all upon the cross

So let Your Name be lifted higher
Be lifted higher
Be lifted higher

I'm so humbled by His strength!

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