Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend filled to the brim.

Friday was nuts. Nuts, I say. But after work, I enjoyed time with Julie for my hair cut. Precious time with a great Godly friend. After that, Eugene served me the delicious dinner he grilled {bbq chicken, corn, and baked potatoes.} I made banana bread using my new bread machine {given to me by one of the most generous men I know – my dad.} We basically took it easy Friday night, just relaxing together.


Saturday morning, we took Espn to the reservoir to see if he would like playing in the water. He definitely did. We thought me might swim, but no such luck – just bouncing around like a dear in the water – but he loved it! How cute is the picture above of my two boys walking together. Melts my heart!

Just getting used to the new place.

SDC14380 He would find the muddy side water first. Lovely.

SDC14382 The prancing deer in action!

SDC14383 Not quite swimming, YET!

SDC14384 I’m looking a bit rough…can you tell it’s a Saturday morning!

Then, just for kicks, we stopped at Wiggley Field, the dog park on our way home, because they were hosting “Woof Stock” festival. Har har!


Lots of dogs and lots of overly excited owners left our pup a bit overwhelmed! But we did catch a glimpse of a cute little family:


Saturday night, I worked a wedding reception from 4:00 until 1:00 am. It went well, but wore me out! Sunday, we woke up early to teach our kindergarten boys that God can help them when they are afraid just like he helped the Israelites when they were fleeing from Pharaoh and walking through the parted waters.

After church, we looked at three more open houses {actually liked two of them!}, and then headed to my parents’ place with the pup to enjoy the sunny weather. And guess what, I took him to the pond, and he can SWIM! Lol, I know that it’s highly unlikely that it’s exciting to anyone other than me, but it made me smile for sure! {Call me lame if you want!} I sat outside in the sun, watching Espn dive for cattails in the pond. Then we enjoyed steaks, grilled tilapia, and vegetables for dinner. Amazingly refreshing time.

I stopped at Walmart and got some super deals on dress shirts {$3.00 for a silk shirt!} and caught up with my college friend from Indy. We capped the night off with the season, series, show finale for LOST. I’m a bit disappointed because I feel like they just copped out for the ending, but it’s okay. The show’s still great.

Sheesh, that’s a lot of stuff, all super special and meaningful to me, but probably very unexciting to an outsider. I’m thankful for the wondrous weekend!

Enchiladas & banana bread recipes to come soon. {I promise!}


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