Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just keep swimmin.

Amazing weekend so far. Definitely counts for one big wondrous thing. 0:)

We went to the Shumaker's place last night to visit, played Blurt, watched Eugene’s brother get really mad {he & Eugene are ultra, psycho, unhealthily competitive together…but that’s how brothers are!} I so enjoyed my day off yesterday – seriously made me so happy.

This morning we took the pup to the pond again {he loves it so much we just had to!} I worked, but only until 9 pm…another big wondrous thing! He had so much fun swimming. Reminds me of Finding Nemo {don’t tell him I said this, but Eugene secretly loves that movie!} I took a lot of pictures because I enjoy it, so feel free to skim if you’re annoyed with the quantity of pup pics!


SDC14469 The pond has very large albino and regular catfish.


SDC14472  SDC14475

He loves to retrieve cattails.


SDC14473   Cutie pie.


Another two days to relax and visit with family and friends – how wonderful!


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