Friday, May 14, 2010

Silence and Trust

So my devotional that I receive via email every morning was titled “Silence and Trust” this morning. Interesting. It reminded me of the story where Jesus waited two days to leave after finding out his friend, Lazarus, was seriously sick. Two days he waited. Yet, He didn’t wait forever. He followed through. He will follow through. The devotional said:

“His silence is the sign that He is bringing you into a marvelous understanding of Himself. . . . If God has given you a silence, praise Him, He is bringing you into the great run of His purposes.”

I had two wondrous things already today. A great and heartfelt call from my friend, Maria {a prayer warrior who I’m so thankful for} and lunch with Brittany {my assistant coach, friend, and inspirational/down-right-beautiful-inside-and-out woman.} Both are an encouragement to me in many ways, especially just knowing how beautiful and real and caring people can be.

This is my last real weekend off until September 11. I have July 4th weekend off right now, but I’m sure something will get booked. Wow, that’s a lot of Saturdays! At least I have a job – I’m so thankful for God providing for us through my job.

With that said, I’m going to enjoy every minute of this weekend. Tonight we’re going to buy a baby gift for one of Eugene’s students who’s pregnant {we’re not going to tell her it’s from us.} We’re going to enjoy Papa Murphy’s pizza and unwind together. We’ll see where the weekend takes us from there.


Going through this crazy year {as a newlywed} has thrown us around a lot, but oh how it’s made me so thankful for my best friend, my husband, my partner. There’s been some challenging tear-filled days, but I’m so glad to experience it all with Eugene. What an overwhelming blessing my husband is to me.


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