Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Foul ball fun.

Yesterday was my typical rough Monday. Mondays come as such a struggle for me when I have to work the weekend. BUT, I was blessed with a huge wondrous thing though – the internet in my office wouldn’t work, so I got to work from home yesterday! Work is so much better sitting on the couch next to my pup. Just what I needed.

Yesterday, the pup and I went to support Eugene at his conference baseball game. They won, and he’s so cute coaching. ;) Plus, look who caught a fly ball – his new favorite toy!


We had a torrential downpour all night and into the morning. I’m not sure who was more soaked after our morning walk, me or Espn. {I think I win because I can’t simply shake off the water!}

We’re going to start looking at houses again soon. Hopefully God will just drop the perfect one in our laps for us. How nice would that be!?

Nothing planned tonight {amazing!} except LOST and attempting to cross off some of my massive to-do list. I’m looking forward to time with Eugene…it’s perfect weather to cuddle up and hibernate together. I put a roast & potatoes in the crock pot at lunch. Yum, hearty meal for the chilly and dreary day.

Praying for patience, direction, and encouragement as we wait for news on the job front.


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