Thursday, May 27, 2010

It never fails & another home decor project.

It seriously never fails that the day after I give the pup a bath, he digs his face into dirt and mud. Lovely. I treated myself to an hour outside in the sun after work yesterday, and the pup couldn’t help but to dig tree roots out of the grass next to me. At first, I tried to stop him, then I decided it was an uphill battle not worth fighting. So yeah, he won this one. {You’re not surprised, right?}

Um…you got a little something in your teeth.

0526101802a Mud must relax him.

I also decided to fix the big clock I have in the living room. I bought it for cheap {like $12 bucks} at Big Lots earlier this year. When I got it, it was a terrible gold color that just looked chintzy. So I bought cheap-o Walmart black spray paint and attempted to make it look better. It worked, but it still didn’t look like I bought it that way. I felt like it was evident the clock was my DIY effort, which has kinda bothered me since then. I bought Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint a while ago for the Wall Art project and I had plenty leftover. That spray paint is WAY better than the Walmart brand…I mean, it’s ridiculous {btw, why does everyone spell that “rediculous”?!} how much of a difference the name-brand spray paint makes!

Ok, so I don’t have the picture of the before-before picture, but just picture an ugly fake gold color around the clock. Then add on cheap and poorly done black:


See it was really dull and uneven.

So, I just taped around the edges and covered the face with paper {hopefully Eugene didn’t want to save his sermon notes from Sunday, oops lol!}


Took the thing outside and sprayed it with short even strokes of this new friend of mine {only needed one coat!}


You can see the small specks of bronze that pick up the light and make it look oh-so-better.


And replaced the finished project back in the corner wall of the living room. Mmm, no more bothering.SDC14453


Pleased as punch with the second round of fix’er up’n.


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