Monday, May 17, 2010

Please let it stop raining.

I feel like every post is of struggles and a new challenge to face. I promise, I don’t mean to focus on these things. It’s just the recent {or last year} times of our lives twisting and turning. We thought there might be a middle school position open in the same school district that Eugene teaches in now, but it’s not within his licensure.

Plus, I took Espn on a wet, nasty, rainy walk and got yelled at by an old lady who told me I couldn’t walk my dog on the road because it’s private property. I seriously broke into tears. I know it’s not a big deal. It just put me over the edge. Seriously, what next?!  I’m not sure now where we can take the dog for a walk. I can’t handle today.  I literally cried walking back, muddy from Espn jumping on me, rain dripping down my forehead, looking up and pleading with God to make the rain stop. Please, God, let it stop raining in our lives. I know we have it off great. I know we’re beyond blessed, with an overwhelmingly easy, privileged life. I just feel like this year has been back-to-back-to-back hoops and challenges. We will be okay. I know that. I believe God will pull us through. I’m just to the point of broken & weary. But it will be okay. It will be okay.

Alright, on a happy note – I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Praise the Lord for that! Friday, since we had the bad news that week, I decided Eugene deserved some cheering up, so I spoiled him with a 24 pack of Mountain Dew, Papa Murphy’s pizza, and the Red’s game on TV. He was smiling. Something I’ve missed some lately.

Our friends, Jason & Megan, walked over to play cards. They brought their dog and the two pups wrestled the entire time. They had a blast {I think!} Megan and I lost every game…big surprise. This is all you could see of the dogs – blurs of hair and slobber!

IMG00069 IMG00068

Saturday, we slept in, went to some garage sales {$2.00 picture frame & $10 set of baseball cards}, then mom & grandma stopped over to visit. Grandma got to see our condo and meet the pup. And I made hot cross buns. {Recipe to come this week.} It wasn’t the prettiest process, but they tasted pretty good…next time I’ll do a better job!


The dog was smitten with Mom being there to pet him. He jumped right up on the couch to sit next to the pretty ladies. :) He’s so spoiled.


Then, Saturday evening we spent at my in-law’s house to celebrate Heidi’s 15th birthday. We’re so thankful for our family. By the end of the night, it was just Eugene’s parents, his two sisters, and his grandparents. We sat by the fire, melted my flip-flops {literally}, and laughed. 

Sunday, we had one of Jordan’s baseball players over for breakfast and to church. Bacon {the real, full of fat kind – not the turkey bacon stuff that I prefer}, home fries, a massive omelet, and hot cross buns.

SDC14334 SDC14336SDC14337 

The food was good and the message was great. I sang with my heart full of thankfulness, victorious over the tears of struggle, “How deep the Father’s love for us. How vast beyond all measure.”

It can’t rain forever. Maybe my rainbow is coming tomorrow. :)


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