Monday, May 3, 2010

Another day older.

My pretty girl is another day older already. It’s hard to believe how quickly she’s changing in appearance. I don’t think I quite comprehended how often babies feed. We’re talking anywhere from every half-hour to every three hours! Sheesh. Plus newborns can sleep up to 17 hours a day, so with that and feeding, she’s only up 4 hours!

I’m so thankful for how great God blessed us with the health and safety of both Casey & Cate. We were given the best possible outcome imaginable. Praise the Lord!

IMG00055b IMG00053b

IMG00062 IMG00057  IMG00059

I just sit and hold her in amazement, thinking to myself how gorgeous this little blessing is. I am also amazed at how strong Casey is. Huge surgery and tons of stress on her emotionally and physically, yet she is recovering and gaining strength like crazy. I’m so impressed!

I do miss my boys. We’re still anxiously awaiting news on the job front. I’m so looking forward to hugging my husby and petting my pup.


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  1. Beautiful pics Caitlin! Please give my best to Casey and Dale. Get a picture of them with the baby when you can...would love to see them again!

    God bless, Rich Cary


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