Thursday, May 20, 2010

The sun is out to play today.

Not a second too soon, the sun decided to poke through the dreary clouds last night, right when I was taking the pup outside. It instantly made me have that deep sigh moment where a slow and thankful smile came across my face. Ah, it has stopped raining {even if it’s only temporary}! I had just a few minutes of time to snap some shots of the sun before it hid again behind the hill. Definitely my wondrous thing for the day.




And, praise the Lord, the sun has been shinning all day today. He knew I needed it desperately!

I also got in the mood for some new pup pics. So enjoy seeing the ever-growing lab/newfie mix we call Espn. I’ve also taken the liberty to add captions of what I think this ornery pup is thinking.

“Will you please let me chew on your shirt sleeve?”

“You’ve got to be kidding. I’m not coming over to you, no matter how much you whistle and call me.”

“I know you’re hiding cereal in your hand. Pretty please?”

“Enough with the camera in my face already.”

Oh, I also whipped up some ground turkey enchiladas during my lunch break today for our dinner. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow if it turns out okay!


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