Friday, May 21, 2010

Crazy Friday.

I’ve spent the day running around like crazy, setting up for a wedding reception that’s here tomorrow, meeting with three different couples, running work errands, you get the point. With that said, um, you’ll just have to hold your horses for the enchilada recipe!

The houses we saw last night were disappointing. One vent on that topic: seriously people, if you smoke, don’t do it in your house! You’re killing your chances of selling your home. Spend money on cigarettes AND lose money on home value…not to mention harming your health {for crying out loud, seriously!} I think I’ve looked at every house around here within our budget and nothing gives. Oh well, patience patience.

I am looking forward to my time tonight with Julie as I get my hair cut. I could use the Godly encouragement she always brings. :)

PS sorry for the slacker of a post today!


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