Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We scored free tickets for the Red’s game this Saturday. {Thanks Eugene’s Dad!} So Eugene & his brother & sister picked me up at work and we headed to Cincy for an evening game.


It was perfect weather. Warm, but not hot, with a nice late Summer/hint of Fall breeze. {The weather was my wondrous thing…especially driving back with the windows down at night.}





Sunsets at the ballpark  are beautiful.


Red’s won. That means my husband was in a good mood. That means I was in a good mood.


Eugene’s brother & sister were fun to have along too. :)


It seems so American to play baseball under the lights.


It was a nice get-away to sit for a few hours in Cincy and people watch see a baseball game. With the high school football game Friday night, the Red’s game Saturday, and then I played in my college alumni volleyball game on Sunday too – it was a fun-filled, sports-filled weekend!


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  1. This is weird! My brother and his fiance were at this very same game! We live in South Dakota and they were in Cincinati (sp??) for their honeymoon so they could go to the Reds game! Small world!


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